Daylight Savings for What and for Whom?

If Dick is correct, that sunlight fills the body via the eye to replenish our hourglass…… why have we created Daylight savings time?  Who the fuck that was a good idea?  Who is it really saving time for, us or them?  It appears we are saving it for the matrix.  My clocks need more light not less.  This light holiday steals light from our eyes while we have to toil for the matrix when the sun burns bright.  Daylight savings time is our Black Hole Sun, holiday when it comes right down to it.

The clock creatures I reset need the light when they can access it to slow time down to regenerate their degenerate lives.  The innovation of the idea by the government was corrupt with a half truth to lead us lemmings to another cliff within the matrix.  Remember politics is the PR division of government, and government is the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex.  It’s all about fucking control. These fuckers know how the metronome works.  He who controls the light controls the battle.  You mentioned the good book recently, the one accurate thing in Genesis was let their be light.  So true, problem is God never gave us the owners manual of the rainbow.  We are left to decipher the code.  That is the metronome’s modus operandi.

Daylight savings becomes the saving account for them and the shamans of the day that the matrix favors, and no one else.  So, now we come to a day where it will be dark when we awaken and dark when we come back to our hellholes. Stare at the dark too long and you will eventually see what isn’t there. This inhuman idea, created an inhuman place where the sun become white and blue and makes human monsters from us.  No wonder this innovation occurs around Halloween.  Is that ironic or contrived?  Modern life dictates that we work during the time the sun is out doing its magic dance to slow time down in us.  I understand now why Soundgarten got motivated to write, “In my eyes, indisposed; In disguises no one knows, Hides the face, lies the snake; The sun in my disgrace
Boiling heat, summer stench; beneath the black the sky looks dead
Call my name through the cream; and I’ll hear you scream again.

Daylight savings helps “the man” control the man in a way few observe. The idea behind it is that people should either be caressed or crushed. If you do them minor damage they will get their revenge and rage against the machine; but if you cripple ever so slowly below their perceptions,  then there is nothing they can do. The machine remains well oiled.  If you need to injure someone, do it in such a way that you do not have to fear their vengeance.  Brilliant design by the stealers of light.

“Here is a list of terrible things,
The jaws of sharks, a vultures wings
The rabid bite of the dogs of war,
The voice of one who went before,
But most of all the mirror’s gaze,”
Which counts us out our numbered days.”

The take home Dick, is to steal the light no matter what box the matrix does with it.  The door1523 is that light in metaphor.  Take all you can get and fill your cup until you vomit rainbows in drunken stupor.  This is how the metronome slows time…………………

Enjoy Austin and share your rainbow with the lemmings, they need it badly, tomorrow is daylight savings for the matrix.  Its open season on lemmings.